alternative way to say "sorry for the inconvenience"

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vanessa earl

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Hello, this is my first msg on this forum! Could you please suggest me other forms to express "sorry for the inconvenience"?
I work in a Customer Care office and I reply to msgs and complaints on a big company socialmedia channel. So the use of my english is colloquial.
Could you help me? Thanks a lot! ;)
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    Welcome with one of the best questions ever -- I hate "Sorry for the inconvenience." :)

    We have, however, covered the basics in previous threads (we've been talking about all sorts of things while we waited for you to show up). I found them by putting sorry for the inconvenience in the Search box at the top of the page ... if there are previous threads, they will appear below the dictionary definitions:

    Sorry for the inconvenience (colloquial way)
    Sorry for the inconvenience being caused --Correct??
    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    In my opinion, just say 1) what you would like to hear if you were the person who had been inconvenience/annoyed/angered/frustrated, and 2) something that fits the actual problem/situation: "I'm sorry you were kept on the plane for four hours. I'm afraid that airport rules didn't allow us to return to the gate." "I'm sorry your toaster stopped working the day after the warranty expired. Let me see what I can do."

    Be human, be kind, be empathetic. I can't say much more than that or we'll be into making lists, which forum rules don't allow.
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