although as yet (intonation)

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Walkiria de Kiffauser

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Español - Argentina (rioplatense)
I have to practise the pronunciation of the following sentence for a phonology exam:

"A full investigation into the cause of the fire// is being carried out,// although// as yet// it is impossible to say// with any degree of certainty// exactly how it started".//

I signalled the pauses with red bars, but I am unsure about the pauses in the "although as yet" part. What do you think?
  • Uncle Jack

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    British English
    Why the pause before "is"?

    "As yet" can be regarded as a parenthetical phrase, in which case it should be separated by commas in writing and would have a substantial pause in speech. Without commas, "although as yet" is usually said as a single phrase with no pause. However, there is only the slightest of pauses between "yet" and "it", so small that I would not have marked it as a pause myself, but there is probably the same degree of pause between "although" and "as yet".


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    I think you need to make a tiny pause for breath after the long subject phrase and before the verb "is being carried out" - even though in writing a comma would be a mistake.


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    I think the red bars indicate intonation phrase boundaries, not pauses as such; the phrases are marked with falling-rising or falling intonation on the main stressed word. 'Although as yet' could be said as one phrase or two.
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