Although gold never rusts, it always corrupts

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  1. 'Although gold never rusts, it always corrupts'

    Can the verb 'rusts' be translated as a synonym to 'corrupts' in this saying?
  2. godelcah Senior Member

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    Aunque el oro nunca se oxida, siempre corrompe
  3. sim0n Senior Member


    pues nop...

    "a pesar que el oro nunca se oxida, siempre corrompe"

    acá rusts rima con corrupts.... sólo eso...
  4. marcelasofia Senior Member

    Mi intento: "aunque el oro no se oxida, siempre corrompe"
  5. Thanx 2 everybody! I've thought about it, but a friend of mine, who's studying psychology, has interpreted it in a free way & this thread was to check it! :)

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