Although I was happy to see him..

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  1. mooncake New Member

    Although I was happy to see him, my good intentions were unfortunately not reciprocated..

    my attempt:
    Bien que je fusse heureuse de lui voir, ma bonne volonté ne a pas rendu malheureusement..

    I'm sure there are many errors in this? Any help would be very much appreciated..:)
  2. thierry1222 Member

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    Hello mooncake,
    Je dirais "Bien que j'étais heureux(se) de le voir, mes bonnes intentions n'étaient malheuresement pas réciproque"
  3. NY-RJ Member

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    Hi there!
    I know it's been a couple of months since this thread was created, but I was just looking at it and couldn't help noticing one detail that made me think:

    Wouldn't it be réciproques (with an s at the end), since it refers to bonnes intentions?
  4. lidboymk2 Senior Member

    I have just seen this thread and was talking about the subjunctive, when my son said that one can use the imperfect after a que instead of the subjunctive, as in bien que j'etais triste, c'est ca
  5. Monomotapa7 Senior Member

    French (France)
    Malgré ma joie de la revoir
  6. lidboymk2 Senior Member

    Thanks I have just put another thread on to try to really understand the use of the subjunctive in the past. Merci, peut-etre vous pouvez m'aider?
  7. Lifeisacabaret

    Lifeisacabaret Senior Member

    Could you post a link to it here - it would be useful thanks

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