although not being a very good actress

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---- not being a very good actress, she is admired by many fans.

A) In spite of
B) Although

Are both correct? I think they are, but in a coursebook written by non-native speakers only A is considered as correct. What is your opinion?
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    If I used "although" I would re-write it as: "Although she is not a very good actress, ..." or "Although not a very good actress, ..." "Although not being" in this context seems very strange, but I can't say why.
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    Perhaps the reason only A is correct is that:

    "In spite of" should be followed by a noun; "[not] being" is a gerund, that is, a verbal noun.

    "Although" on the other hand, introduces a clause with a finite verb, whether it is explicit, as in JamesM's first version, or in ellipsis, as in his second version: "Although [she is] not a very good actress".
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