although <that> could be grave enough


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Quote: Later she realized that this expectation of disaster was owing to a quality in the new comer. Doris Fischer, so assertive, so cheerfully sane, often took on the moody gestures of an Irish actress about to disclose that her father was a drunkard, her brother an anarchist, her mother a saint, et cetera. It gave a false start to her presence: any portentousness was usually owing to absentmindedness or social unease, although that could be grave enough.

Question: What does this “that” refer to? What was "that" that could be grave enough?

Source: August, by Mavis Gallant, a short story from her collection ‘Paris Stories’, which you can find in Google Books by the title Paris Stories. (Paragraph 1, Page 281)

Thanks to whoever can help!
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