Although..., there is...


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Given the above context, I have three main doubts:
1) Is "applied" a suitable verb, or would you recommed a different one?
2) Need I to say "itself"?
2) Are the underlined part of the structure correct? Does it flow well?

The notion of institutions has been defined in a variety of ways . Although this concept is central for the theory itself, there is a lack of consensus regarding the terminology and the methods applied among institutionalists.
  • mjscott

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    1) "applied" is a suitable verb.
    2) You don't need to use itself. (May I suggest "central to the theory" as an alternative to "central for the theory"?)
    3) It flows quite well. It doesn't sound foreign to the English-speaking ear.

    PS: Suggestion to using to instead of for would depend on context....

    Good luck!