'Although' vs 'Even Though'


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Hi Everyone!

I know that there might have been multiple discussions of that subject (or a similar one), and I did go to a number of websites and read various articles comparing 'although','even though','despite', 'in spite of' etc.

Nevertheless, I'd like to know your opinion on the subject, for many articles contradict each other in that they explain the subtleties and the difference.

2 questions:

1. Is that true that 'even though' is simply a stronger version of 'although' and is much more emphatic?

2. Is that true that 'even though' tends to be used when the part of the sentence that it precedes is negative (even though I was not good enough, I won), while it would be more natural to use 'although' in a vice versa scenario (Although you gave us enough information, we didn't succeed).

Thanks a lot!

Dmitry S.
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    'even though' tends to be used when the part of the sentence that it precedes is negative

    'even though' emphasizes the contrast between two facts:

    "Even though, by then, he had become a celebrity in Hollywood, his main circle of friends remained those friends of his childhood."
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    And doesn't although emphasize any constrast between two facts? I am just a bit confused, since many people on the Internet write 'even though' is very very similar to 'although and though' with slight differences..


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    ...and how much poor grammar do you also read on the Internet...
    ...and these same people know the subtlety of distinction between 'although' and 'even though'?

    "Although he was running late himself, he waited a few minutes while his mother finished dressing."
    Big deal!
    Here, there is no great contrast between the facts. OK, he's running late, but the idea of Wow, and yet he waited for her?! - how unusual, how surprising!
    I don't think so.

    In the sentence I gave earlier, the contrast that is being emphasized is, he could have other celebrities in Hollywood as friends, but fame and hob-nobbing with the rich and famous had not gone to his head, and he remained loyal to his friends of earlier years. One is more likely to expect that old friends would be shed as he moved into very elevated circles in Hollywood - hence, the disparity/contrast between the two facts.
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    Hello Regina,

    I suspect there is no difference, but I feel it is difficult to comment on without a sentence. Do you have one?


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    It seems to me that 'although' and 'even though' have the same grammatical function and the same basic semantic meaning, the only difference being that 'even though' is somewhat more emphatic.
    I would not say 'even though' is much more emphatic in sense, although in spoken English it does allow the speaker to place more stress on it .
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