Although we did not get to know each other very well

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Hello. Im new here, but not new to the whole message board experience.
I can speak basic French, but am stuck when it comes to a more relaxed conversation.
There is a French exchange student here that is leaving for home tomorrow, and I would like to give him a letter, in French of course.

If anyone can help with this, I would appreciate it, preferably as soon as possible.

By the way, the person I am writing to is a boy.

I would like this translated:

Although we did not get to know eachother very well, I will miss seeing you.
I hope we will see eachother again someday.
Have a safe trip home.

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    Hi :)

    Welcome to the board. Please (!) try and take some time to familiarise yourself with the "us et cotumes" (I can't think of a good equivalent) of this board. There is a nice sticky at the top with a short guide.


    PS titles like "immediate help" usally cause the regulars to pass on by.


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    I would say something like:

    Bien qu'on ne se connaisse pas beaucoup, ça va quand même me manquer de ne plus te voir.
    J'espère qu'on se reverra un jour.
    Sois prudent pour ton retour.

    Maybe the first sentence could be translated in a slightly different way, meaning that you didn't really get the chance to know each other:

    Bien qu'on n'ait pas eu l'occasion de se connaître mieux...

    Instead of "bien que", you could also use "Malgré le fait que..."
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