1. kruelladevil Member

    Chile - Spanish
    I'm writing a letter and I have to sign as: ... Alumna tesista de la Universidad de Chile.
    How can I translate tesista? A tesis, at least in Chile, is the final investigation you need to present in order to get you degree.
    Hope you can help me as always!
    Thanx. ;)
  2. jag121842 Member

    USA English
    I think the most natural translation of that phrase would be "Doctoral student" or "PhD student," if you are getting your Doctorate, or "Master's student," if you are getting a Master's.

    However, I think what I usually see (if this goes in the footer after your signature) is the word "candidate." Here's an example:

    Your Name

    Your Name, Candidate, Master's in Public Policy, University of Chile
    [Email and other contact information goes here]

    Alternately, you could say, "I'm a PhD Candidate at the University of Chile currently writing my dissertation on XXXX."

    There might be an exact translation for what you're looking for; I have a vague suspicion I've heard a word for this once. Can anybody suggest a word or phrase to express the concept of 'a person writing a thesis or dissertation'?
  3. kruelladevil Member

    Chile - Spanish
    Mmmm... I'm not sure if that is exactly the meaning I wanted...
    I'm in my senior year and when I finish it i'll obtain my bachelor's degree on information systems (thinking about bachelor's degree = título in Spanish), so currently i'm an undergraduate student, but i'm not applying for anything (that's why I think maybe the word "candidate" doesn't fit).
    Did I explain myself clearly enough?
    Thanx anyway! ;)
  4. LaReinita

    LaReinita Senior Member

    East Coast, USA
    USA (Northeast Coast)-Inglés
    Creo que la palabra que quieres es "thesis."
  5. parhuzam Senior Member

    Los Angeles,CA
    I would say ..

    Thesis preparation student...

    Candidate is only for advanced degrees.... more than a Bachelor's degree.

    El problema es que en los EEUU no se necesita un tesis para el "Bachelor's degree..."
    "Alumno tesista" no tiene significado en inglés. Solamente se dice ... voy a completar los requisitos para el equivalente de un "BA degree..."

    Espero que te ayude... Saludos.
  6. sebacox New Member

    Thank you that helps!!

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