Am fost pe drum spre (la) Chișinău sau Am fost în drum spre (la) Chișinău

  • Hello, welcome to the Romanian forum. :)

    It would help if we knew the rest of the sentence. It looks as though you're saying something happened on the way?

    Anyway, a direct translation would be "Eram pe drum (în)spre Chişinău" or "Mă îndreptam spre Chişinău", but as I said we can't be sure it works for you without more details and a complete sentence.
    ”I was going to Chișinău“ sounds as if there is more to it, something is missing from the sentence (I was going to X when this happenend / I was going to X to see my brother).

    As Trisia said, we need more context here because it will define how we translate the sentence/pharse as a whole in Romanian. To illustrate that, here is an example: I was going to Chișinău when my car broke down -> Eram in drum spre Chișinău când mi s-a stricat mașina.