Am I glad !

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<< --- Am I glad ! --- >>

Hello everyone, my question is about the above expression.
Is it an idiom ? Is it slang ? AmE, BE or both ?
Furthermore, could that construction be suitable in other cases ?

An example: Geez, is he a talker ! (To give emphasis).

Thanks a lot.
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  • Moggie

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    Sorry if I didn't make myself clear.

    My question is about "Am I glad !": Whether or not it is an idiom and all the other questions.
    As an aside, if I am allowed, I'm also asking if other similar constructions were feasible or not.

    Is it a bit clearer now ? Thanks for your patience.:eek:


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    Hullo Moggie. I'd call it 'colloquial' rather than 'slang'. It's certainly common enough with me ~ I use it all the time, usually in the first person:)

    Blimey, did I feel stupid!
    Bloody hell, did I ever look a fool!
    Wow, do I feel stupid or what!



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    Thanks ewie, how about my "Gee, is he a talker !"
    Even if it's the 3rd person, does it fit in your view ?


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    Yes, colloquial rather than slang. I think of it as a kind of rhetorical question. And the fact that it's so is signalled by the use of the falling intonation when it is said out, of course which is a requirement for this structure. In writing, we signal this with the use of the exclamation mark (and I see everyone else above has used it). Interestingly, it needs to be preceded by some kind of exclamation (again used by everyone else above).
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