Am I hot or cold?

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Somebody knows where that is and you're trying to locate it, or someone knows what that is, and you're guessing it. You would say "Am I hot or cold?" to see if you're getting close to it.

Would you also say 'Is it hot or cold?' When you reply, would you also say 'burning'? You're burning if you're very close to it?

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    You would not say "Is it hot or cold?" in this game, but any degree of heat is used when giving clues. You can start off with you're freezing and go all the way up to you're burning. I've been told "You must be on fire!"


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    A: "I have hidden a ring somewhere in the room. Try and find it."
    B: [walks towards the window and stops] "Am I getting hotter?"
    A: "No, colder."
    B: [Walks towards the door] "Am I getting hotter?"
    A: "Yes. You are warm."
    B: "[Goes to a shelf] "Am I getting warmer?"
    A: "You're burning."
    B: "Here it is!"

    The hidden object (or idea) itself is never described as burning/cold/hot/etc.


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    There are all manner of replies but they are usually only one or two words: "cold", "warm", "hot", "very hot", etc. Also, "colder" could be said to indicate the guess is worse than the previous one, "warmer" or "hotter" for a closer guess. I see no reason why you couldn't use "burning" too.



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    Thanks, all. That said, they could also be said about something that is not physically existent, such as names. Correct?

    A: I can't remember his name ... is it Pairo, Kairo ... Hairo?
    B: Getting warmer.
    A: Haro ... Hiro?
    B: There!
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