Am I right or am I right

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    This is a common idiom nowadays. It means 'Am I right or wrong?' but it lacks the correctness of the usual idiom & is a colloquial (or trendy) version. For example:-
    -Am I right or am I right that Ayşegül has retired from teaching?
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  2. Muttaki

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    Are you saying that there is a Turkish phrase corresponding to that translation?
  3. Reverence Senior Member

    "Am I right or wrong?" would be, "Haklı mıyım, haksız mıyım?" in Turkish. "Am I right or am I right" sounds too cocky to become common enough in everyday speech.
  4. rupertbrooke Senior Member

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    No, I should have made it clearer that I was asking if there were a Turkish equivalent for that idiom. Reverence has answered my question; I thought his adjective 'cocky' for this latest English aberration hit the nail on the head. <Second question is moved here.>
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