am, is, are + verb + ed


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i never understand like this sentences can anyone help me this rule?
i have examples,
''These words are used to express how we think and feel.''
''Notice how they are followed by a simple present tense verb.''
''All kinds of jobs are listed on the internet.''
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    Consider the participle (the "verb+ed") here as an adjective.

    "Many jobs are interesting"
    "Many jobs are listed" (= many jobs are on some list)
    "Many jobs are listed on the Internet."


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    It is true that -ed forms may be used as adjectives. However, I would describe the ones in the sentences as past participles used with a form of 'to be' to form passive verbs. These are simplified versions to illustrate the difference.

    : We use these words to express how we feel.
    Passive: These words are used [by us] to express how we feel.​

    Active: A simple present tense verb follows them.
    Passive: They are followed by a simple present tense verb.​

    Active: People list all kinds of jobs on the Internet.
    Passive: All kinds of jobs are listed on the Internet.​