am joining the army tomorrow/join the army tomorrow

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In Turkey, joining the army is obligatory and let us say that I have to join it tomorow. Should I say:

1- I'm joining the army tomorrow at 5 pm. (It is not something that I myself arranged, so should I use the progressive one?)
2- I join the army tomorrow at 5 pm. (I think it is OK because we have to join the army according to the scheduled time)
3- I will be joining the army tomorrow at 5 pm. (It is OK to me)

I've given my opinions, could you please help me with it?

  • moustic

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    British English
    I agree that all three structures are fine, but for me the use of the verb "join" would imply that you are a volunteer.
    You could say something like: I have been called up for my national service. I start tomorrow.
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