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    Hello !

    I often come across the word am in Romanian song titles. I have several Romanian dictionaries but can't find this word, not even in Cioranescu's Diccionario etimologico rumano (1180 pages). I suppose it's a contraction ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. farscape mod-errare humanum est

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    Hiya Apus,

    Am is from the verb a avea (to have), first person singular. Many a times it's used as an auxilliary verb to form the past tense or the future in the past, also first person singular. Check for its conjugation. Worth checking also the other entries listed under the forum resources.

  3. translucid New Member

    You did a great job farscape .
    Anyway I will give him some examples :
    Eu am = I have
    Eu voi avea această maşină = I will have this car
    -Ai această carte ? ( Do you have this book ?)
    -Da o am . ( Yes I have it.)
    I hope that helps you .

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