amae naideyo

Mini Midori

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I have been watching this anime ( Amaenaideyo) I have been searching but can't find a translation for this title.
Can any one help.
  • Flaminius

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    Welcome to Japanese Forum, Modori! :)

    amae naide-yo:
    Don't make me baby-sit you.

    When a verb stem is followed by naide-yo, the meaning is gentle prohibition. I suppose amaeru is difficult to find a matching word in English but the meaning is "to expect/demand/insinuate one's needs be taken care of by someone else."


    Mini Midori

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    Gokurousama, Flaminius dono.The anime series is a great watch,the title drove me crazy.I am so glad I found this forum , it will be a great help in the future.Mini Midori

    Hiro Sasaki

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    "Amaeru" is the difficult word to translate into any of European languages.

    It can be translated in several ways. "Amae"( noun ) is the theme of
    many sociologists and anthropologists to write about to understand the
    Japanese culture. You will be able to obtain many hundreds of pages of
    infornmation about amae, I suppose.

    "Amaeru" means "to make too much advantage of one's kindness or
    one's good will. " Mothers are usually are sweet to their children.
    So babies w3ill amaeru their mother. "Amai" means "sweet".

    Japanese children will sleep at their mother's side until 4 or 5 years,
    and therefore, some sociologists say that Japanese are always not

    I would not like to say that we are like babies when adults, because I'm
    Japanesse. :(

    Hiro Sasaki