Amanda has wanted to tap Matt for a while


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This comes from the show Ugly Betty season 4, episode 408.

Betty is trying to find out what is going on between her ex-boyfriend Matt and her sort of friend and ex-roommate Amanda from Mark. They are standing in front of the elevator waiting the thing to arrive.

Betty: Mark, you know something and you might as well just tell or I'll just chase you out of the elevator and through the streets.
Mark: I will tell you one and thing and one thing only. Amanda has wanted to tap Matt for a while now and they went on a date recently and they will probably hook up in the Bahamas.

Could you tell me what Mark means by "tap" as in "Amanda has wanted to tap Matt for a while."

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    "To tap (somebody)" in this context is slang for "having sex with" (Source: )

    I probably would use "tap" in this sense only when talking with close friends, for fear of offending everybody else.

    "Tap" has other pretty innocent meanings, of course: “tap dance” is the very popular dance form in the US. “Tap” as a noun means “soft knock” and as a verb means “making a soft knock” (Edgar Allan Poe’s poem The raven: “Tis some visiter," I muttered, "tapping at my chamber door” ).

    I am **not** a native English speaker so for me English slang is difficult to understand. I am a mechanical engineer so for me it is doubly difficult to understand why in English “to screw (somebody)” ALSO* means to “have sex with (somebody)”. However in mechanical engineering “to tap” means “to manufacture a screw thread” so MAYBE this is why “to tap (somebody)” is slang for “to have sex with somebody. Maybe.

    *“to screw (somebody)” may mean (context is EVER so important) “to get somebody in trouble”.
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