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  1. saragd Senior Member

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    Hello all! I am translating a series of descriptions of works of art in churches. These descriptions will be found on panels located next to each work of art. I am looking for a confirmation (or a better option!) of my translation of the expression "ambito Pugliese". For example, one panel is the following:

    Altare maggiore
    Fedele Caggiano (ambito pugliese)
    metà del XIX secolo
    marmo di Carrara

    My translation is:

    Main Altar
    Faithful Caggiano (Puglia area)
    Carrara marble

    Does "Puglia area" sound right? Or is there perhaps a better way to translate "ambito Pugliese"? Thanks for your help.
  2. Paulfromitaly

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    Fedele Caggiano is a can't translate names.
  3. macforever Senior Member

    Ti prego Saragd, per iniziare, segui il consiglio di Paulfromitaly: non tradurre quel Fedele (nome proprio di persona) con faithful (aggettivo qualificativo).
  4. saragd Senior Member

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    Ok, of course I would never translate a name...if I recognise it as a name! Oops! Thanks for the help with that.

    Any ideas about "ambito Pugliese" or even "altare maggiore"? I am undecided between "main altar" and "high altar." Thanks again.
  5. elfa

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    I would have thought "main altar".

    For "ambito Pugliese", I'd be tempted to put

    Fedele Caggiano (Puglia)

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