amenazan y afinan

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    Debo traducir el siguiente titular:

    "Contratistas amenazan a Codelco y afinan plan contra mineras privadas"

    Mi intento: "Contractos threat Codelco and sharp plan against private mining companies"

    Esta bien?


  2. Juan Carlos Garling

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    Spanish Chile/Argentina
    In Chile, a contratista = contractor is a company doing a service for another. A construction company, for instance, may hire somebody (a contratista) specialized in building roofs to do the job for them. This contratista will be responsible for hiring the workers for the job.

    Workers of CODELCO, the major national mining company, are the best-paid workers in the country and gain above-average salaries and benefits ever since the days when it was owned by Americans. But lately CODELCO resorted to having contratistas = contractors to take over many of their requirements.

    As the workers contracted by these contratistas are paid much less than those employed by CODELCO, they started a costly strike, burning buses and derailing a train transporting mineral in the process. Since they had little chance to obtain benefits from their actual employers, the contratistas, they addressed their grievances to CODELCO (therefore the threads to and action against CODELCO).

    By extension, the press is using the term contratistas for the workers employed by a contratista. Therefore, when translating, it should refer to the workers of contractors doing services for CODELCO.

    The people on strike are the workers of different contractors, not the contractors themselves.
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    Thanks a lot Juan Carlos*
  4. Juan Carlos Garling

    Juan Carlos Garling Senior Member

    Spanish Chile/Argentina
    By the way, CODELCO is the acronym of Corporación Nacional del Cobre.

    Workers of contractors of CODELCO threaten CODELCO and prepare action against private mining companies.

    afinar = to tune

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