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I travel here and there. Michigan one week, Florida the next, then maybe a hop to Coney Island for a Redhot and a ride on the Cyclone. I am what you might call a rambling man, and America is my beat. I keep an eye on certain people, and check back on them every once and again.”
Source: Gwendy Button Boy by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar
Context: Gwendy is making an acquaintance of Mr Farris, a middle aged black man.

What does the bolded expression mean? Would it mean my area of interest? My playground?

Thank you.
  • Sparky Malarky

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    PaulQ is correct, but a reporter also has a "beat," which is his assigned area of interest. This may be closer to the speaker's meaning. Anyway, his area of interest and responsibility is America.
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