American Sign Language: The "horn of the devil" symbol

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    This is complex,
    because there is several sign languages (LSF [Langue des Signes Française], ASL [American Sign Languages] and a lot of others) and I really have no idea which one that is.

    But, a friend tell me one day that the "horn of the devil" symbol used in rock live concert what a sign language symbol for "love/love it" (I love your music)
    [in a way it can make sense, because when the music is loud, the better way to be understood is signs, innit ?]

    The guy tell me that a deaf mute himself tell him that.

    So my question is: Was my friend right or completely full of sh*t ?

    Thanks, have a nice day.
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    Your friend is probably referring to the ASL sign for "I love you". It is different from the "horn of the devil." The thumb is extended in the sign for "I love you"; in the "horn of the devil", the thumb is folded over the palm.

    The website StartASL has an article on the subject: CLICK.

    (Thanks to Copyright, the moderator, who found the above information.)
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    Thanks Cagey

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