Americans "do not/does not " use

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    I just saw this sentence in the and I was wondering can we use "do not" for the third person? why not "does not"? According to rules we shoud use "does" for the third person, aren't we ?Could anyone clarify this,please?

    Thanks alot.
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    The sentence has a plural subject: Americans do not use purple umbrellas. (The end is just for the sake of having a complete sentence.) The third person plural form is they do.

    I'm not sure if I'm missing part of your question, though.
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    What is it you saw: Americans doesn't or Americans don't?
    Americans is third person plural, so "don't" should be used:
    Americans don't...
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    (We would need an object for the verb 'use' to make this a complete sentence.)

    The sentence is in the third person, but that is not what determines whether you use do or does. Americans is plural, so you need the plural form do. If you have one American, the sentences will still be in the third person, but with the singular form of the verb, does.
    Americans do not use [something].
    One American does not use [something].
    Edit: A couple of posts have been posted as I was writing this.
  5. oliverxsk Banned

    when the subject is third party/person ,which is singular ,the does should be used in this sentence.

    and althought the subject is third party / person,but which is plural,then the do should be used.


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