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Hi everyone. I'm not sure if I'm using 对 properly in the following sentence: "美国的五十个州很相似,例如美国人尊重言论自由。" What I intend to say is, "America's fifty states have many similarities, such as Americans' respect for freedom of speech." My textbook, Integrated Chinese, says that 对 is used to "...introduce the person or thing that receives a certain effect from someone or something else." I feel justified in believing that 'freedom of speech' is the thing receiving the effect of 'Americans' respect.' However, I still can't say without doubt that it is correct. The dictionary on this website says I should use 对于, but I can't find anything in my textbook or from any other resource that agrees with that. So, if 对 should not be used here, can someone tell me what should take its place?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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    YangMuye's suggestion is a noun phrase just like your original clause. It's the "respect" you are talking about.
    美国人(Americans)对于(toward)言论自由(freedom of speech)的('s) 尊重(respect)

    This noun phrase fits better if you translate the first clause as:
    美国的五十个州有很多相似处(have many similarities)
    So we'll expect to see noun phrases for "similarities".

    However, you translated your first sentence as:
    美国的五十个州很相似(are very similar)

    So, for the second clause, a verb structure could sound even better in Chinese:
    美国人(Americans)都(all)很(very)尊重(respect)言论自由(freedom of speech)
    美国人(Americans)对(toward)言论自由(freedom of speech)都(all)很(very)尊重(respect)

    It still doesn't sound perfect to me because you talked about the states at beginning, and it becomes "the people" in my second clauses. But not to be overly critical, all of them are good and acceptable.
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    America's fifty states have many similarities, such as Americans' respect for freedom of speech.
    America's fifty states have many similarities, such as the respect for freedom of speech in all states.
    美国的五十州有許多相似处, 譬如各州对言论自由的尊重。
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