Amerita complementario para sugerir conducta.


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Amerita complementario para sugerir conducta.

I have to translate this phrase into English, but am not really sure of its meaning. It's part of the conclusion of a medical report for a cancer patient. Would this be an appropriate translation?

Deserves complementary for suggested procedure

My translation doesn't make much sense because I don't understand the original! Any help is greatly appreciated!


Or would this be a better translation?

Deserves complementary examination in order to suggest appropriate procedure.

This makes more sense in English, now I just have to verify that it reflects the original accurately.
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    La última frase suena más coherente, yo sólo le agregaría "an" antes de appropriate. O en lugar de examination podría ser tests.

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    In the medical field, "ameritar" doesn't mean "to deserve".
    It's more in the lines of "requires complementary exmanation", or " complementary examination would be appropriate"


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    La frase no se usa en español de España, y yo hasta ver las respuestas , ni siquiera entendía su sentido.
    Aqui diriamos "requiere/están justificadas pruebas complrmentarias"
    Yo diris "Additional/Further (laboratory, imaging...) tests are warranted/needed"
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    Deserves complementary for suggested procedure
    Having the original text would be better, since this segment states a different intent. Apparently the procedure has already been ''suggested'' or proposed, but due to patient's specific situation it would be wise to obtain some complimentary labs/xrays/others to decide whether an additional intervention is needed in order to carry out the ''suggested'' one
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