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By the way, could someone give me the plural welcome in Amharek, another Semitic language? My curiosity is excited now! :)

I guess that one is much more difficult. The language is not in and even someone of Ethiopian origin does not mean that their family brought the keyboard from Ethiopia. I myself learnt to type around 1995...

Even if I know nothing save for a few words in that language, I noticed their alphabet is written from left to right, just like Latin-script. I just noticed from listening to Ethiopian music on youtube. When the titles were in their script and also transliterated, I noticed repeated consonants (for example, same 2nd and 3rd) fell on the right! ;)

We linguists have this crazy curiosity... I also noticed you use to welcome in Hebrew a root with an equivalent existing root in Arabic (BaRaKa). I also notice other funny things but I don't want to go too far away from the subject, ha ha haaa...
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    Welcome (plural) in Amharic is እንኳን (በ)ደህና መጣቹ/ïnkwan (bä)dähna mäṭṭaču. The closest literal translation would be "glad you have arrived/came in goodness".
    እንኳን/ïnkwan doesn't have an English meaning in phrases like these but it kind of acts like a "i'm glad" or the emotion of relief.:)
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