1. Abril01 New Member

    USA, English
    Does "amigo especial" have a bad conotation, like that person is your boyfriend or girlfriend? Is it better to just say mejor amigo?

  2. khal Senior Member

    lengua latinoamericana
    No, you can say "amigo especial", no bad conotation.
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  3. Franra Member

    Spanish / Chile
    Mmm... Honestly, "Amigo especial" seems to me like somebody who's not only a friend...
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  4. khal Senior Member

    lengua latinoamericana
    I don't think so, here, in Mexico people say "amigo con derecho" and of course it has a bad conotation, but "amigo especial" is often seen on greetings or post cards, etc.

    I've never heard "amigo especial" refering to someone who's not only a friend.
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  5. ERASMO_GALENO Senior Member

    Lima limón
    Perú, Español

    I think it depends on the context, most of the times it would mean you are a very good friend. But sometimes it could mean the other person likes you in, at least, a platonic way.


  6. Franra Member

    Spanish / Chile
    Bueno, supongo que es una cuestión regionalista, pero aquí en Chile, nadie diría "amigo especial" para referirse a su mejor amigo. El decir que alguien es "especial" ya tiene una connotación de tipo amorosa-sexual. Pero insisto, son sólo caracteres regionalistas.
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  7. pegatina Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Argentina Spanish
    As I see it "amigo especial" means:

    A) The relationship is special, either because you don't see each other very often, or you quarrel a lot or anything. And..

    B) Your friend has got special qualities which make him different from other people (good or bad qualities)

    and yes, I would say "mejor amigo"
  8. skynat Member

    Mexico Español
    If you are talking about your “best friend”, I think “mejor amigo” is a better translation and you avoid any other connotation.
  9. Bilma Senior Member

    Spanish Mexico

    I agree.
  10. Daret

    Daret New Member

    English - U.S.A.
    Hmm, I learned amigo/a especial to mean boy/girlfriend.

    In comparison to novio/a, meaning boy/girlfriend but also fiancé, I believe that when you start a relationship with each other, you call each other amigo/a especial, respectively. Once you have committed to marriage, novio/a.

    Personally, I feel one could use novio/a as boy/girlfriend after, say, two to three years of a relationship together. Depending on how long you think a relationship should last before marriage is the next step. If you think a couple should be together for at least 5 years before marriage is even considered, then don't say novio/a until 5 years have past.

    In your case, if the person is not your best friend, but is still a good friend; I think one would say buen amigo

  11. calamario Senior Member

    Dallas, TX
    Spanish - Chile, Peru, Argentina, US Hispanic
    In Chile is fine to say "amigo especial". Like in Mexico, we use a similar one "amigo con ventaja" for the other connotation.

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