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Hi folks,

I'm not quite sure, if this is a very dumb and ridiculous question respectively.
Initially I was wondering, whether this question is worth an own thread,
however, there you go.

Actually at this amazing thread among(st)/amid(st)
I asked a question, whether it is possible to utilize
among and besides interchangeably to some
That's what I learnt so far, among other things.
That's what I learnt so far, beside other things.

I also notice a very conspicuous trend (...) Amongst other trends.
I also notice a very conspicuous trend (...) Besides other trends.

Forgive me, if this particular subject has been beaten to death, but
I couldn't find anything helpful via forum search.

Input very much appreciated.

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    In your example, besides is okay, but doesn't work quite as well as among(st). When you say X, besides Y, you give a sense that you're shifting your focus from Y and only talking about X now. However, when you say X, among Y, it shows that you're still about equal value to X and Y in your conversation.

    Besides a stamp collection, I also have an awesome baseball card collection.
    I have a stamp collection, among other things.
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