Among her earliest memories were

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An other trouble here!
There is a sentence that we can read of 2 different ways.
A woman, whose father was a crooked politician, has learnt about the underworld very young.
"Among her earliest memories were the power plays of police, politiciens and gangsters who had partied in her own home."
My question:
Do you think that policemen, politicians and gangsters were partying all together, or just politicians with gangsters? (in the last case, policemen were "fighting" against them...)
Thank you!
  • ufoseeker

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    France Français
    Thank you pieanne.
    Exactly, that's why I'm hesitating!
    I would have the opinion of other people to see how they understand this...

    Angle O'Phial

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    Absolutely all partying together. Does your confusion stem from the lack of a comma before and? The comma before and in a list of three or more is optional so the author could just as well have written

    power plays of police, politicians, and gangsters

    without any change in meaning. I personally always use the extra comma as it avoids any possible confusion.
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