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Hi everyone,

I don't know where I have to insert the expression "among other" into the sentence. What is better : at the end or at the beginning ?
Example 1: I have gained amongst others administrative, communication and IT-skills.
Example 2: I have gained administrative, communication and IT-skills amongst others.
Maybe, for an English native, it would sound exactly the same, but I really want to be sure.

  • PaulQ

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    Grammatically, it does not matter where you insert the phrase. However, semantically, the position is used to add or subtract emphasis to "others", and by contrast, emphasise (or remove emphasis from) "administrative, communication, and IT-skills."

    Amongst others equates to {[and] some skills that are not so relevant/important in this part of the description.} Note the commas:

    Amongst others,
    I have gained administrative, communication and IT-skills. <- to me, this is the most natural: it emphasises "administrative, communication, and IT-skills"
    I have gained, amongst others, administrative, communication, and IT-skills. <- this is the second choice.
    I have gained administrative, communication, and IT-skills, amongst others. <- to me, this sounds as if you want to talk about the "others".
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