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I am not sure about the usage of among others. Do tell me which of the following two sentences are correct:
He said, among others, "She is quarrelsome."
He said, "She is, among others, quarrelsome."
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    He said (that) she is, among other things, quarrelsome.
    He said, "She is, among other things, quarrelsome."

    If he meant she is not only quarrelsome but also has other, similar, qualities.


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    The sentences do not mean what you think they mean. If you mean that quarrelsomeness is one of her attributes, among other attributes, then you need to say "among other things", as EMP has indicated.
    If you just say "among others", it could be interpreted as saying that she is quarrelsome when she is among other people.

    So, once you make the "things" correction, the difference between your original two examples is that in the first, "she is quarrelsome" is one of the things that he said, while in the second he said that quarrelsome is one of the things she is.
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