Among the finds was an accessory


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I'm wondering what could be the meaning of accessory in this context:
The grave goods include several finely worked gold objects including a pair of buttons, an amber and gold pendant, a shale button with a sheet-gold cover, and a gold covered bone pendant. Among the finds was an accessory or incense cup.
Is it possible that it means a container or pot?
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    Among the finds was an accessory [cup] or incense cup.

    I'm not sure what an accessory cup is. It's possibly a cup used as an accessory in certain ceremonies or practices.

    acessory (WR dictionary): a subordinate or supplementary part, object, or the like, used mainly for convenience, attractiveness, safety, etc.

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    I don't think this is an adjective. Nouns like "votive object... accessory... mounting..." are sometimes used by archaeologists to mean "Object of uncertain use, found in close proximity. Might possibly be an [incense cup]".
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    I have never come across 'accessory' to mean incense cup. That said, see this (Google Books) in which an incense cup (in spite of its name) is described as 'a tiny accessory food-vessel'.

    Was this written by a native speaker of English?
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