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The UK, Italy, and Spain, amongst others, have at some stage, supported incineration through elevated prices for electricity generated from incinerators.

Hi, everyone!

What does it mean by "amongst others"?

does it mean "in other words"?

Thank you!
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    (I, too, thought there would be a relevant thread, but when I looked, I couldn't find one.)

    'Amongst others' shows that there is a larger group of countries that have supported incineration, but the author is naming just these three.


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    Just in case you don't know, amongst is the British English version of the American English among.
    Phrasing it like that, you make it sound as if among is somehow not used or less acceptable in BE; which is rather misleading.



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    American English
    China tends to use American English, except for the British English of Hong Kong, so I was thinking that the Chinese poster might only be familiar with among.
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