amongst the ensuing sound


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I read it and didn´t catch its meaning. The sentence is as follows:
"It was a composition for 200 mobile phones. These belonged to audience members, who registered their personal phone numbers into a database, received new ringtones and were assigned seats, then sat amongst the ensuing sound as two live performers created tone combinations using custom software."

It´s about the presentation of a musical composition using mobile phones>

So, the audience had theirs seats assigned, then "sat amongst the ensuing sound"? Can somebody explain me this?

  • TrentinaNE

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    Imagine yourself in the audience with your cell phone. Around you are 199 other people with their cell phones. The phones start playing their custom ringtones, in the sequence programmed by the performers. The sound ensues from the programming, and the sound is all around you. So you're sitting amongst the ensuing sound.

    Was this passage from a British article? It sounds more BE than AE.