Amorcito or Amorcita

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    I have been to Cuba many times and love the people and the Culture. While I was there there was a man who called his wife a name like "Amorcita" He told us the word meant honey, sweetheart, lover or something along those lines. Can someone please help me figure out the spelling or the true meaning of the word.
    I am sure it is a slang term. Thanks in advance
  2. cristóbal Senior Member

    Well, sounds like you've got the spelling right. Amorcita would be the diminuitive of "amor" which means love, as you probably know. Spanish-speaking people tend to call their spouses/significant others "amor" just as some english speakers (I think more so on the other side of the pond) say "Love" for their loved ones.
    Therefore, amorcita is translated as "little love". It's not exactly slang, just the diminuitive... like Juanito for Juan, or Hermanito (from hermano) for little brother. The diminuitive is used a lot as an endearing effect. Abuelita, (which doesn't mean that they're saying "little grandmother" to their grandmother, but rather it's like saying "grandma".)

    Hope that helps
  3. larita New Member

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    Amorcito: It means literally " small love " but indeed it wants to say "You are the more important person that i love in the world" ops, sorry for my English, is that I speak Spanish.
  4. DaveOntario New Member

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    Thank-you! I am amazed at the quick reply

  5. Magg Senior Member

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    Cristóbal gave you a good piece of information. It is the diminutive form of the afectionate term 'amor'. In Spain we don't use it very much; maybe 'cariño' is the most heard word.

    What I'd like to add is that both 'amorcito' and 'cariño' must be used in their masculine form. It's like you called your couple 'amor' and 'amora', or something like that. You can only used 'amor' for both man and woman.

  6. lauranazario

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    Living just two islands down from Cuba, I am very familiar with this expression... although "amorcito" (used as a term of endearment loosely equivalent to baby, honey, sweetheart, darling) does NOT take on the diminutive femenine form --that means we use "amorcitO" both for males and females, and never with a final A.

    Caribbean regards,
  7. larita New Member

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    Es la mejor definición sin duda / It is the best definition undoubtedly.

  8. Selena1967

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    I would said that 'sweety' could be the best option to translate 'amorcito'.
  9. QueVivaPSV Banned

    Entonces, no se puede usar 'amorcita'? No importa el género gramatical? O sea, no importa si es mujer o varón?

    Y cómo funciona con 'pobrecito'?

    Gracias de antemano

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