amortir le montant des frais fixes

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  1. appleluna New Member

    Je voudrais savoir comment on pourrait traduire en anglais :
    "je vais louer ma maison de campagne cet été de façon à amortir le montant des frais fixes".
    Que pensez-vous de :
    "I intent renting my country house this summer in order to dampen yearly fixed charges".
    Merci de vos remarques.
  2. Fraser age 73 Senior Member


    Other translations of amortir (v.) that may apply:
    to absorb, pay off, write off the yearly increase....
  3. relos

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    May I also suggest:

    'I intend to rent my country house...'
  4. appleluna New Member

    Thank you very much for your help.

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