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Hello, I'm trying to translate four sentences, and am having difficulty mostly with the term "d'amortir" - which seems to be used a lot in discussions of economics and taxes. But the literal translation 'cushion' seems awkward. The closet term in English feels like it would be 'padding' as an expression of inflation. I am thus inclined to translate the below bold sentence as:

Additionally, it will be easy for the colonial administration to (pad or inflate??) village radio receivers with an appropriate tax.​

Here is the original text with some context:

La mise en œuvre de ce plan entraînera la-construction de milliers d'appareils et déclenchera la clientèle attendue par les fabricants. Après avoir entendu le récepteur du cercle ou du village, de nombreux indigènes voudront avoir chez eux un appareil identique. Ajoutons qu'il sera facile, pour l'administration coloniale, d'amortir les récepteurs de village par une taxe appropriée.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Before posting a question, you should look in the WR Dictionary.

    See this thread (and several others): amortir comptablement

    In your case, what it effectively means is that the colonial administration will pay for (write off the cost of) the receivers by imposing a tax.
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