amount of dower which is prompt

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    I'm translating a register of Marriages form (Republic of Gambia) into Spanish.

    There's a point where it says: "Amount of dower which is prompt".

    My attempt is :"Cantidad de la dote entregada por adelantado". Any better options?

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    In Islamic law, "Prompt dower" is money to the wife payable on demand, i.e. whenever the wife wants it ... sometimes the wife insists on it being in her bank account before she will consummate the marriage, sometimes a month later etc.
    Otherwise it is called "deferred dowry" which is payable only on divorce/separation/death if the marriage doesn´t work out, a bit like alimony.

    EDIT: Here´s a good site for you that explains more.
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    Thanks a lot Lis48

    What do you think is the best term in Spanish to refer to this issue?
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    "Cantidad de la dote entregada a solicitud".
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    Great!! Thanks so much.
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