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Hi, I was reading Astérix, the 37th album, and there were a scene where everyone fought with each other. There was one screaming at a Goth "Écraseur" and the Goth yelled back "Amphoré". I don't understand the meaning of"Amphoré". Please explain it for me!
Here is the page of the scene

Thanks in advance!

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  • moustic

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    Liquids were kept in amphora during Roman times and "amphoré" sounds a lot like the insult "enfoiré":
    nm, nf
    familier (personne immorale) (vulgar)bastard n
    (US, vulgar)asshole n
    (UK, vulgar)arsehole n
    Cet enfoiré m'a trompé avec ma meilleure amie !
    Oh! Beaten by jetset !
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    Hi Dahac,

    That's just a play on words with the word "Enfoiré", which is an insult which could be translated as "bastard" (even though they don't literally mean the same thing).


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    Since the human heap seems to create a traffic jam there may also be a play on word with "embouteillage"
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