ample-sized, ranch style house.....

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    ¿Podrían ayudarme con esto?

    We loved our ample-sized, ranch style house with its quiet patio in the back where many charcoal fires cook up some of the best barbecues.

    Mi intento.
    nos encantaba nuestra casa, amplia de estilo ranchero, con un patio muy tranquilo en la parte de atras donde hacíamos asados al carbón


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    Hi silvia,
    What is the context of your text? If it is U.S.A., "ranch-style," sometimes called "american ranch," or "western ranch," is a particular modern style that does not resemble a rancho or hacienda in Mexico or Argentina.
    But it's difficult to suggest an alternative. The rest of your translation is fine.
    Take care!
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    Does anyone that works in real estate know how to say this in Spanish?

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