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Hi, I am wanting to find out the correct Kanji characters for the following two praises:

Beloved Daughter (and) Son, Gift of God

I believe the Beloved is the correct meaning for the girls name Amy and Gift of God is the correct meaning of the boys name Matthew, which are the names of my twins.

If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. I have looked on the internet but keep getting different kanji characters or they don't have the words I am after.

Thanks in advance if you could include a jpg of the two Kanji character strings that would be amazing. I am hoping to have these designed as tattoos. Thanks again Belwhisper - Oh if anyone can translate Belwhisper into Kanji characters that would also be fantastic.
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    Beloved Daughter (and) Son can be translated as "最愛の娘(と)息子”
    and Gift of God is ”神様の贈り物”.

    I don't know what Belwhisper is.
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