an about-turn over nuclear energy

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Salam everyone!
Could you please tell me what does this sentence mean?'' The government did an about-turn over nuclear energy.''
Thank you in advance
  • You have to state a position to do an about turn on it. IF the government's position was "Let's use a lot of nuclear energy," then an about turn would be, "Let's use hardly any at all."

    You have not given the context, so the position is not known; hence an 'about turn [or face]' cannot be specified, either, at this point.


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    Also called an "about-face", it's derived from a military command telling soldiers to rotate 180 degrees.


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    Anouarinho, please tell us where you found this sentence, and provide the context that has been requested. What are the sentences before and after this one? You are allowed to quote up to four in all.


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    In AE, the phrase "about-turn" is not very common. It may be a combination of these two common phrases:


    Both of these mean to reverse directions.
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