An acquired taste


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Hi Everyone,

The paragraph below is from the Facebook page of a café.

"Our organic hemp milk - we use this magic milk as the base of many of our recipes. Unsweetened hemp milk has a wonderful earthy taste. We'll admit it is an acquired taste so we sweeten our hemp milk with organic dates to suit any palette."

What does "acquired" mean in this context? If it meant "developed", wouldn't the sweetened help milk's taste be acquired and not the original, unsweetened?

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    It means that most people don't like it at first. Those who continue to give it a chance and drink it begin to like it.
    They acquire a taste for it. It is anticipated that not all will like it. Those things
    that are defined as an acquired taste are generally enjoyed by a small group.
    I think scotch is an acquired taste.

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    Wikipedia has an article on the subject.

    Acquired taste - Wikipedia

    An acquired taste is an appreciation for something unlikely to be enjoyed by a person who has not had substantial exposure to it. In the case of food and drink, this may be due to a strong odor (such as certain types of cheese, durian, hákarl, black salt, nattō, asafoetida, surströmming, or stinky tofu), taste (alcoholic beverages, Vegemite or Marmite, bitter teas, salty liquorice, malt bread, unsweetened chocolate, sushi, garnatálg), mouthfeel (such as sashimi and sushi featuring uncooked seafood), appearance, or association (such as eating insects or organ meat)............
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