An Action Step is Worth a Thousand Words

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    An Action Step is Worth a Thousand Words
    One action is worth a Thousand words
    Action Would Be Worth A Thousand Words
    An Act is Worth a Thousand Words
    I found all these sentences on Google. My question is, are they all correct and which one of them will be the best?
    It seems that the first one are used most frequently.
  2. Copyright

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    These lines are intended to play off two well-known sayings "A picture is worth a thousand words" and "Actions speak louder than words." So I think you need the singular "Action" or "Act" to begin with and they all end, correctly, with "a thousand words."

    We use the indefinite "A picture," so presumably you could begin with "An action" or "An act." But if I were writing it -- and I am -- I would be more definite and use one number to contrast with another number, i.e. one and a thousand. So I get this:

    One act is worth a thousand words.
    One action is worth a thousand words.

    Thinking about it some more, I like action -- because action means action (act is a little too pat, not enough action), and because action has two syllables like picture in the original saying, so it has the same sort of rhythm. To end then:

    One action is worth a thousand words. (Your #2 above -- without the weird capitalization. :))

    Forget your "action step."
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    I Googled the first phrase. It shows 754 hits on the first page which is a very small number for Google. If you page forward, looking at the hits, you will see that most of the sites are not reliable for various reasons and Google stops at only 63 hits.
    Putting random sentences into Google is not really very useful.
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    An Action Step is Worth a Thousand Words is the title of a book about marketing and every Google hit is in reference to this. "Action step" is presumably marketing jargon. It is not a sentence that has any further currency than this; as Copyright says, you can forget about it.

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