An acute bout of exercise

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    Hello, all

    From my biology book. The whole paragraph is about oxygen uptake. The sentence in question goes like the oxygen demand of working muscles increases during an acute bout of aerobic exercise and is directly related to (other factors) ~. I don’t understand what the during phrase part, during an acute bout of aerobic exercise, means, especially the word, acute. Its dictionary definitions I think do not fit here. Thank you for your input in advance.
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    "Bout" usually refers a sporting version of a fight, or an encounter with an illness.

    The writer is emphasizing that the exercise was intense, but for a reasonably short duration-- probably from a few minutes to an hour.
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    To rephrase:
    during an intense period of aerobic exercise

    Definition 1 in the WR dictionary

    sharp or severe in effect;
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    Both "acute" and "bout" are odd words to use in this sentence. Posts #2 and #3 explain the meaning.

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