An adjective for the words that we <forget easily>

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  • Florentia52

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    Please give us the complete sentence in which you want to use the word, so we have a specific example to discuss.


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    But, Kate, Merriam Webster says "forgetful" also means "inducing oblivion" and gives the example "a forgetful sleep". Is the full form of MW "mostly wrong" again;)?


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    We're still waiting for Ali to give a full sentence — and I'd add to that a request for more information about the kind of words you have in mind, Ali.

    Do you mean simple words that learners might forget, or confuse, because of similarity (that/than, cod/cad, ...), or complicated words that may be forgotten because of their complexity (antidisestablishmentarianism, floccinaucinihilipilification, ...), or words that may be simple, but are easily forgotten because rarely used (eyot, fane, ...), or something else? Can you give us examples of some words you forget easily (if you haven't already forgotten them!:p), and why you might forget them?

    Those distinctions may well suggest different possibilities for the adjective you're seeking.

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