an admission or the admission


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India-Local dialect
My daughter got admission into North Carolina State University.
My daughter got an admission into N----------------University.
My daughter got the admission to N-----------------University.

Whiich of the above is correct?
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    My preference:
    My daughter was accepted at North Carolina State University.

    Also heard:
    My daughter gained admission to North Carolina State University. (Possibly with a crowbar, which is why I put it second rather than first.)

    And then there's:
    My daughter was admitted to North Carolina State University.


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    I would not use any of your constructions. I would most likely say:

    "My daughter was accepted by/into NC State."

    or, more likely:

    "My daughter got into NC State."

    I live in South Carolina, and I can tell you that we never refer to that particular university as "North Carolina State University," but virtually always as "NC State."
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