an adrenalin crash / chemical wave


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From the British novel "Follow You Home" by Mark Edwards.


"I knew I was heading for an adrenalin crash, that soon my body would notice that I hadn't eaten anything all day. But for now I was riding that chemical wave."


This man working all day, running all this town.
I don't quite sure about those two words "an adrenalin crash" and "chemical wave".

I guess the first one means "a surge of adrenalin, very intensely to do something."
And the latter is the pronounce of "adrenalin crash" because adrenalin is one of chemical in our body right?

So these sentences mean "He has no physical strength but still moving by an adrenalin."?

I would love to hear your definition since I have to translate not just interpret for re-write.

  • Myridon

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    The chemical wave is the surge of adrenaline. It is causing him to be in a high, energetic state. When that adrenaline is used up, he will crash - descend into a low state.
    He has the "chemical wave" now but he is heading for the "adrenaline crash" which is going to come after the wave passes.