An architect does well


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How does one say "An architect does well" in Italian? I'm stuck on "does well". Grazie.

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    An architect does well. I'm stuck on "does well". Grazie.
    Hi :)
    Could you explain me the meaning in English for this sentence?
    I have an idea but I just want to be sure. :)
    It might mean 'Un architetto è quel che ci vuole.' or
    'un architetto fa le cose per bene. (come devono essere fatte).'



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    oops :eek:
    A primo impatto non avevo pensato che does qui si riferisse a un discorso del tipo 'come va'>how are you doing?', 'I'm doing well' (this case the architect) as an alternative for 'I'm fine'. the sentence Signorriccardo said AN.
    SO, I guess it's a provocative sentence, like the ones which generalize, like this:
    "Un architetto sta (sempre) bene." since he's rich :D

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